Tooba Shams
Saturday, December 5, 2020

“Being an average student I have faced failures, pressures, despair, rejection and anger that made me shy and unconfident and I avoided gatherings because I felt uncomfortable and had the fear of being judged or ridiculed. I am a true believer of hard work and knowledge and it can change your destiny. Culturally we are brought up in a way that we need acknowledgement and we very easily get influence by what other thinks of us.
I went to UK on a loan that my father took and I knew it that I have to break every obstacle in my personality that has stopped me from a lot of opportunities. I landed myself at Project Management position and just in few years I was promoted to Project Director. I was never comfortable with 9-5 routine and felt like a rat race. I was well settled, with comfortable pay, bought a BMW and got UK citizenships. There was something that kept me restless that I have to do more. In 2011, I spent fair share of my time in learning Amazon Business and doing Product Sourcing to Launching which was itself a big task. Few of my products turned out greatly successful and up to the Sky turning into multimillion Amazon business after my days and nights efforts.
I did not just rely on Amazon instead I started to scale my ecommerce business by launching different products, in different marketplaces like UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada etc and got huge success in Amazon Business.
In 2018, when I moved back to Pakistan, started Enablers with the aim to Enable people and giving the mindset to generate passive income via International eCommerce where the world is trending to.
I have taken my failures as a learning experience. No one can become a successful seller on Amazon from the day one, I also have faced many failures and ups and downs, and all those harsh experiences helped me grow not only professionally but personally too.
Approaching your business with a brand mindset is far more important than starting out with one “home run” product. Creating a brand of related products has become the secret to a long term, sustainable, and profitable business.

Today Enablers have 11 offices across Pakistan, with more than 100,000+ free access to video trainings (EVS- Enabling Video Series), with thousands of success stories and more than $30 Million worth sales.
I believe that Hustler entrepreneurs are Enthusiastic ones. They don’t wait for the opportunities to fall in their lap instead work to achieve their goals without thinking about the outcomes.”
Saqib Azhar CEO Enablers.org