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3 Day Startup: Educating the aspiring entrepreneurs

The 3 Day Startup kicked off on 3rd November, 2017 at the Arfa Software Technology Park. We hosted the event in collaboration with 3 Day Startup, and it proved to be quite a success.
3 Day Startup is a program designed to provide entrepreneurs hands-on help on how to start their own business. Participants are handpicked by the organizers after registration and only a handful are picked to attend as the whole idea is for everyone to get attention.

7 Are You Ready To Get In The Ring?

The most exhilarating and exciting startup pitch battle is back. Get in the Ring, a global phenomenon allows startups to test their pitches in a high pressure environment. Take notice, for it is a competition not meant for the weak. Get in the Ring has presence over a 100 countries and with a following of millions, it truly provides the startups the perfect mix of excitement, competition, music and innovation.

Plan9 take Pakistan’s entrepreneurs abroad!

Every other second a flash bulb goes on top of a Pakistani’s head and a creative idea is conjured. But due to lack of resources and nourishment, the idea withers and die. Plan9 is that guiding hand that lets these innovative ideas grow and thrive.

Lahore And Austin – Science Cities: PITB And City of Austin in US Sign an MoU

On 10th March 2017, a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been inked between the two countries, Pakistan and USA, to establish Lahore and Austin as ‘Science Cities’.

Pakistan’s Incubator/Accelerator Ecosystem – At a Glance

Overview – 6 years ago vs. today

Today the entrepreneurial eco-system of Pakistan is at a junction. With the collective mindset changing and an increased interest to test the entrepreneurial ground we can expect to see exciting times ahead. We can see a visible increase in the success rate of startups and some of the best ideas coming out at this time, this industry is set to start making its mark in the global map.

Give Way to the New Innovation – Plan9 Season 09

Today after 4.5 years of struggle and success we are here welcoming cycle 09 to Plan9’s incubation. It won’t be wrong to say that we have seen a major elevation in the quality of business ideas presented. It is reassuring to see that the ambitious entrepreneurs have started exploring different domains now. While some are excelling in the e-commerce and mobile apps, others are tapping into the IoT market. This time too we have got an interesting mix of startups exploring their niche and ready to pave way for themselves in the market. [gr-columns] [gr-column type=”1/2″]

A new addition: Pep Talks!

As a part of our Launchpad 10, we at Plan9, came up with an idea to invite our alumni as well as other thriving startups to come over and talk to our potential startups.

5 years into the entrepreneurial ecosystem, with some excellent startups, we thought it fitting to have them with us as we celebrated our 10th Launchpad. Having built their businesses from scratch, we were sure that they’ll have a lot to offer to the newbies. We are happy to say, they did not disappoint.