Haseeb Ahmed

Friday, July 14, 2017

My life revolves around 3Ds: Determination, Determination and Determination!

Every day is a new opportunity to better yourself but it depends, greatly, on how eager you are to progress. I have always been very passionate about exploring new things and firmly believe that one should never stop learning, because it’s like stopping the watch in order to save time.

Everyone’s past plays a vital role in establishing his/her personality. It is said that the kind of childhood you get, plays a vital role in who you’ll grow up to be, I am here to break that stereotype. I come from a middle class family and my father was a driver by profession, so I have seen the tough times. I saw my father struggle day and night, in order to provide us with a better future.

“Our financial circumstances and my father’s selfless devotion for his children, was the trigger for me, I wanted to share his burden and improve our quality of life.”

Life has knocked me down several times but I made sure to rise each time. I was determined to get a white-collar job and began work in a multinational organization but I soon realized that I wasn’t built for that kind of a routine. So, I left that job and began my career as a freelancer. Joining TechHub Connect was a life-changing moment for me, this was when I started working on bringing a revolution in the advertising world.

Apart from working as a freelancer, I kept researching on the limitations of the advertising world and soon came up with an idea for AdSpace.pk. Pakistan’s only online outdoor advertisement platform, AdSpace.pk, allows brands to see 1000+ ad spaces in various categories including billboards, streamers, Floats etc. and, to top that, they are able to see complete measurements, location ariel view and real-time analytics for their campaigns.

My journey was quite an emotional one and to get here, it took a lot of patience and dedication. I am glad to say that it was all worth it. My parents are proud of my accomplishments. I am blessed to have a co-founder who is immensely encouraging.

“All I can say is that if you are focused and committed to your goals, life will on surprise you with a lot of opportunities and you will achieve everything you have always dreamt of.”

– Haseeb Idrees – CE0, AdSpace.pk