Muhammad Nabeel

Saturday, August 12, 2017

“I opened my eyes in a middle class Pakistani family and growing up, I always saw my mother and sister tackle difficult situations with positivity and that had a huge impact on me. Whenever I am in a dire situation now, instead of getting depressed, I look for a way out.

My father worked tirelessly to provide me with the best possible education and despite his efforts, there was a time when I had to take up a sales job in a shop to bear the expenses of my schooling. It was, ultimately, my father’s constant support that I was able to start my own company.

Since the past six to seven years, I have noticed this trend, that fresh graduates keeping blaming the job industry. They use this argument to say that Pakistan’s progress is at a standstill. But in my opinion, degrees don’t define job prospects, rather, it’s your skill-set. If you are good at what you do, that is all you need to land a good job and that is what the industry requires, anywhere in the world.

“In our society and education system, good grades aren’t dependent on how well you understand the subject but on how well you are able to memorize the content and reproduce it in the finals.”

It is really important to change this mindset and to do so, we’ll have to start as soon as the children begin their education. My desire is to change the education system of Pakistan and help our students develop innovative projects, making the country proud.

Ever since I was a child, I have been passionate about the field of robotics. To pursue my dream, after completing my Bachelors in Engineering from NED University, I went on to South Korea to get a Master’s degree in Robotics. While studying there, I came to the realization that Pakistan cannot excel until we change our education system. In this era of rapid advancement, there is a need to upgrade our learning systems. When I returned, I had already decided to launch EDVON, to introduce STEM robotics education to change the mindset developed by the traditional schooling systems.

“The only way to success is humbleness, if you want to grow, then respect others. Be patient, be persistent and work hard to achieve your goals.”

– Muhammad Nabeel – Co-Founder, EDVON