Reema Siddiqi

Monday, September 5, 2016

My entire life ever since I shifted to Lahore, 15 years ago has been a struggle. From wanting to get into NCA but ending up studying fashion at PIFD, to being dropped out due to grades and eventually landing at NCA studying animation. My life has been a roller coaster ride and this was just the beginning. The course at NCA ended in 6 months and I pursued my bachelors and masters from Punjab Unive…rsity in Textile Designing following which I had my fair share of securing different jobs back to back. Let me tell you one thing here, all these diverse experiences weren’t a waste of time, rather they have shaped me into the person I am today. So then finally when I got bored of trying to fit into jobs and had made enough money, I started my own company known as Remtem. Fashion, Animation, Textiles, and now entrepreneurship. I am a woman in this society who has so much on my shoulders and so much to offer. I had a lot of exposure in my childhood to diverse art, food, places etc. I learnt the art of observing which is what inspired me to start Remtem. Remtem is a creative company and was initiated so I can stand up for myself and change people’s mind about artists being losers and people who are unable to make a living off their own work. Over an extended period of hard work and struggle I realized I must listen to myself and bring my experiences and beliefs to use and impart them to others before my talents die with me. So if you want to be different, nothing should be able to stop you. Go ahead and be as diverse as you can be. You never know how many people you may end up helping in the process.” – Reema Siddiqi, CEO RemTem