Stage 4 – Getting a paying customer – The Launching Stage

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

For a startup, getting paying customers is the ultimate goal. While transforming your idea into reality is quite a high, nothing compares to be getting paid after all the hard work and effort you have put in your product!

For any business to sustain itself, money is obviously required and while you might dip into your savings and the savings of your friends and family, your product has to get you money.
Getting customers, who’d pay for your services is hard. So many of us are always thankful and content with the trial versions of a product and while the product works brilliantly, once the product expires, that is the end our association with it.

It goes without saying that successful marketing has very little to do with converting customers. To get a paying customer and then to retain that customer, should be your mission.

Listed below are some ways through which you can do to get people’s money:

Get in your customer’s head:
The first thing to do is to think like your customer and to do this, it is important to understand your customer’s mindset. Offer them a solution based on the exact issue that they are facing, you’ll never return empty handed.

Tap your contacts
Your first customers have to come from your own circle, talk to your friends, family and colleagues, and explain what your product is and how it’ll make their lives easier. Reach out to your network, not only to get their business, but also to spread the word!

Awe your customers
If you are selling a high-priced product, be sure that your customers will not be easily wooed. To get them to notice and commit to your brand, surprise them. Markhor did something similar, when one of their founders went all the way to America to deliver a product, not only did they get a customer, they also got access to his entire network!

Know your craft
Starting a startup is hard, getting a paying customer is harder. People are generally keener to buy from people who know what they are talking about. Become an expert in your field, know the ins and outs, know your limitations so that you can highlight the positives and then sell.

Form personal relations
Your customers are your bread and butter, so get to know them. The more personally you reach out to them, the more they’ll rely on you. Don’t overcommit, as a startup this the worst choice you can make and if you fail to deliver, it will ruin your credibility. Keep your customer in the loop, in case of an issue, reach out to them, instead of waiting for them to complain.

When you provide excellent service, your customers are likely to not only pay, but they will also, stick with you no matter what!