Talaal Burny

Friday, June 10, 2016

It has been a bumpy entrepreneurial road. It was blood, sweat and tears all the way. Today people enjoy Travly‘s service. They love (and partially hate) the content we share on social media. It looks like a happy go lucky story, but it never was. The hard part was finding a mentor/investor that aligns with our vision and brings real value to the team. Gladly we found our ace at the right time.  Motivation? Well, motivation was never a problem for us. We have always been fueled with passion.

We want to build Travly’s brand as big as Coke, it might take 10 years or 50. We are hungry and we are here to stay. This might sound ridiculously optimistic but that is what Travlywaale has been thriving upon since its inception. This craziness started in December 2013 by 5 students from Beaconhouse National University. Now Travly is one of the hottest startups from Pakistan. I am proud to say that we are competing every inch against billion dollar entities, Uber and Careem.”
–Talaal Burny, Co-founder Travly

Travlywaale are on a roll! Keep making us proud boys!